Monday, October 15, 2012

Creative case study

Naturally, once you write a little white paper on email marketing, everyone (okay, 3 people) wants to see the creative that went out with those emails.  Well, every year, our major email campaign is for Dave Leonard's annual charity golf tournament, so it seems only fitting that the creative we show is from that. Plus, Dave's a great client ( the "I love it, it's perfect, let's run it just like that!" kinda great) so we invariably end up happy with what we make.

Every year starts out with a "Dave the date" email. For 3 years or so, it was a variation of the 4 box piece below, with each panel including Dave's dog logo.

In 2012, we decided to do something new. It was nice and all, but next year we'll do something else.

Every year, we send out a post card a couple months before the event. This year's was inspired by the office putt-putt excursion:

We also want to solicit donations for the charity, even from people who don't or won't play golf:

The image above, like most of these, went out through Constant Contact and included links to the registration form and a donate now button.

This year, 2012, is a general election year and the Republican convention provided a topical framework we exploited for a reminder email:

The Clint Eastwood piece replaced the potentially worn out "things of four" image (below) that was very popular with sticklers (I happen to agree with them) who noted that really it shoulda been ShaggyVelmaFredDaphne. Touché!

This year we wanted to make the point more clearly, that you don't have to be a golfer to have fun in this tournament:

As the date got nearer, we sent out this fun image:

A week before the tournament, and after an incredibly dry summer, it started raining and raining. We exploited the weather with this piece:

The years before we sent out a version of this silhouette creative that really cut through the email clutter:

The morning of the tournament, every year, we send out this top ten list:

And we also send out a link to this classic clip.

After it's all over, we follow up with a note inspired by an early Steve Martin comedy bit.

It's always a pleasure being involved in such a major email campaign with such a talented group of people.  Next time you're embarking on an email campaign, keep Woodstock Organic Concepts in mind. We make it fun.